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Are we learning?

Our life is a journey of learning...
I've once met a Muslim with un-muslim attitude,
And a non-muslim with appealing character,
And I start admiring the non-muslim...

Later, I got to know how great is our Prophet's character,
I learn more about our-self...
Then I realize how beautiful Islam is..
How Great Allah are..
How can people change and be beautiful because of Islam...
And how our pride can be down when we neglect Islam...

The Almighty Allah, Rasulullah saw and Islam..
I've fallen in love with them...
And when the love is in my heart..
I learn how to love all around me..
The Muslim with un-muslim attitude,
And the non-muslim with appealing character..

Allah gave me the strongest weapon,
Doa..for all my beloved friends..
May Allah grant us all with guidance and blessing..
Until we can meet again in Jannah..
Our journey never end.. ^_^