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Study of Baby Wrap ;)

Bismillah.. :)
I am currently studying about the wrap. Ok, my last child is already 3 yo, but the thought of babywearing is overwhelming, so I decided to have a woven wrap so that I can babywear my 3yo not-so-baby whenever is necessary (when he is not well, clingy, or just for fun :p )..hehe..and I want to have my own DIY woven-not-so-baby-wrap :D

Ok, first the fabric.

I gain lots of info on the fabric here

I intend to buy 5m of 60' cotton, cut it into 2, and just serge it. InshaAllah.. I hope this little dream can become true. :D

Then, let's have a look at beautiful wrap. :)

Hope my little project will be a success.
Alhamdulillah.. :)