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When My Heart Hurt

It's hurt
In my heartDear heart,
If it's due to something haram..
Let's the hurt remain..
Allah will heal your hurt..
Just keep your faith..Dear heart,
I have Allah..
Please bear the hurt..
Let's Allah resides in your heart..
Forever...Drafted on 2/7/2015
All will heal..
When you meet Him..
May Allah grant you rewards..
For let the heart hurt..for the sake of HIM..

Higher Patience Mothers


This is my review on the Higher Patience Mothers with Ibu Rose (Professor Rozieta Shaary) that I've attended on 22 April 2015. It's actually a three (3) month attachment with Ibu, the opportunity given to us to be higher patience mothers.

Being a young mother (31 is considered young, huh ;p), it is difficult for me to stay patience all the time with my 2 boys (and their father..haha). So, with permission of my (patience) hubby, I enrol to this program. May Allah bless this journey to be patience and wonderful wife and mother to my family. (Pray for me, please.... :) )
The healing program on 22 April 2015 benefits me so much, that now I know how to heal myself, instead of being in the state of grief and anger. Ibu taught us how to forgive ourselves, love ourselves and forgive others. Only then, the light of love can fill our heart, and we will be able to grow ourselves wonderfully, InsyaAllah...
It's a soul journey that bring me to meet the person im…