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I've never encountered this before..I've never known..and with Allah's permission all this happen to me..

I am now dealing with people I can't stand with..that require a lot of patience and preservence..

Perhaps... This is Allah's way to teach me.. This is how Allah want me to learn and grow.. Allah want me to be close to HIM.. to ask for His guidance.. to ask strength and patience...
Dear Allah, Please guide and help me.. In this hard situation... So that I can stand up still.. To worship you even more, To be a better mujahidah...
I am now upset O Allah, Only you can heal this, Please ease my pain, I beg...cause... You are the Most Magnificient..
I want only you to know all inside my heart, So that I don't have to long over your creation, As you are The Creator, That know this all.. That will give me the best.. Only You..My Highest Rabb..
Astaghfirullah... This may happen due to my past sins.. O Allah, please forgive me.. And give me the strength..

Ammar dan amirul :D


Seronok sangat bercuti semalam...

Ammar behave, alhamdulillah..Sayang adik dia, bermain dengan gembira and always show a grin happy face..Amirul too is very cute and cuddle..both are so loveable and huggable.. Thank you Allah..

Lepas maghrib semalam, ibu nyanyi lagu "Come Let's Count". Ammar pun mula cari-cari vcd dan mainkan vcd tu. Seronok betul diorang tengok vcd tu, dengar lagu2 yang best dan belajar mengira. Ibu pergi solat Isya' dan tinggalkan mereka berdua. Lepas solat, tengok mereka macam gambar di atas..Seronok ibu tengok adik dan abang berkasih sayang macam ni..Alhamdulillah, terima kasih ya Allah..

Jadikanlah anak-anak kami penyejuk mata penawar hati buat kami dunia dan akhirat.. Amin... :D