Mixed Feelings ' _ '


Hari ni muka rasa ketat sangat..rasa susah nak senyum..puncanya hati yang caca marba ni..as if I can feel that my nafs trying to persuade me to do incorrect things..and I've been praying last night, asking strength from Allah to beat my own nafs.. These few days, I realized that I might have been doing improper things coz following my nafs..and it make me hate myself..huhuhu..This is really a tough battle indeed.. and today I am fasting..this is one way to control our nafs. O Allah, I only hope the strength, the sabr from You, My Highest Rabb...

I think I am having PMS too.. Scientifically, hormonal change can lead to emotional distortion as well, but, I do not want this to make me far from Allah, far from His Blessings..I might not feel happy right now, but I must defeat this feelings..It make people around me, my loved ones affected. Please help me O Allah..You are The Creator of this feeling, only You I hope to erase it, replace it with happiness in worshipping You..Please O Allah, feel my heart with faith and love again..as You are the one who hold my heart..

Just to make me smile..Allah gave me this to make my day yesterday :)

Love and Care,
Ummu Ammar..


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